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Thinking of typical German food one of the first things coming to our mind might be potatoes and sausages. The German cuisine is known for its various and extended use of meat but dishes can vary a lot depending on the region. In the following you will find a 5 famous dishes and recipes.

If you have a favourite dish not listed here get in touch with us and send us your recipe with a little note on where you come from and why this is your favourite German dish!


1. CurrywurstFoto 04.01.16, 10 28 37

Currywurst is probably one of the most famous dishes in Germany as you can get it wherever you are and basically eat it whenever you feel like. It’s a sausage cut into pieces, drown in curry sauce and topped with curry powder. It comes with a piece of bread or chips (In the Ruhrgebiet you call a Currywurst with chips, ketchup and mayonnaise a “Mantaplatte”). There is kind of a fight about who invented it since Berlin and Hamburg claim to have been the first one to serve a Currywurst and the Ruhrgebiet has its very own opinion about the perfect sauce – but in the end, it does not matter, the Germans simply love their Currywurst and nobody ever expressed this love better than Herbert Gr√∂nemeyer in his Song “Currywurst”¬†.




2. SchnitzelSchnitzel-5

Originally coming from Vienna, the Schnitzel is a popular dish in Germany, too. There are many different ways of serving it: The original Vienna Schnitzel is only served with lemon, while the Zigeunerschnitzel comes with a piquant sauce made from tomatoes and bell peppers. The Jägerschnitzel is a variation with a creamy mushroom sauce. Schnitzel is made using veal, pork, chicken or turkey. Also, a vegetarian Schnitzel is possible by using soy and tofu.

Wiener Schnitzel (Recipe)



3. WeißwurstWeisswurst

Weißwurst is a traditional Bavarian dish from Munich and nowadays popular in whole Germany. The original way of serving it is with a Pretzel, mustard and a fresh beer but you can also find variations with mashed potatoes and Sauerkraut. The sausages made of veal and pork contain apart from others parsley and lemon, which give them a unique flavour.




4. KäsespätzleSpaetzle-15a077a5b1c68146c9e98c245bd4c076_fjt2011110161

Sp√§tzle are¬†a kind of egg noodle and popular especially in South Germany. Nevertheless the rest of Germany as soon revealed the buttery rich taste and adapted it, which is why you can find Sp√§tzle is basically any part of Germany. They are put into boiling water and afterwards fried in a pan with butter and cheese. A bit of parsley gives an extra flavour. It’s a simple but delicious dish and famous among students as it’s quickly made and not that expensive.



5. Leberkäse mit SpiegeleiFleischkaese

Leberk√§se (lit. “liver cheese”) is another speciality from South Germany. It consists of¬†corned beef, pork, bacon and onions. The consistency is very fine and it is baked in a bread pan until it has a crunchy crust. You can eat a slice of it in a bread roll with mustard or as a whole meal with an egg on the top and Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes as sides.

Leberkäse (Recipe)


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