A Year Abroad In A German – Speaking Country

Residence abroad programmes in Austria and Germany

During their year abroad in Austria or Germany, students can complete a work placement, study at one of our partner universities or work as a British Council language assistant.

Many students opt to complete an internship in Germany or Austria during their year abroad. Some students approach companies independently to ask about internship opportunities, but we are also regularly approached by a wide range of firms and organisations who are interested in employing our students. In recent years, we have been asked to advertise work placements in such diverse fields as journalism, social media marketing, games development, transport logistics, sports editing and translation. In addition to the basic salary paid by the employer, students completing a work programme in Germany and Austria are also eligible for an Erasmus grant worth (in 2016/17) 380 euros a month in Germany and 430 euros a month in Austria.

Students can also choose to do an Erasmus study placement at one of our partner universities in Bayreuth, Cologne, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Marburg, Potsdam, Tübingen and Vienna. Almost all of these universities offer students a month-long introductory language and orientation course before the start of the academic year. They can also study a wide range of modules in German history, linguistics, literature, and politics alongside advanced German language courses designed for international students. The Erasmus grant rates are currently 280 euros per month for study placements in Germany, and 380 euros per month for study placements in Austria. Students on Erasmus study placements do not have to pay any tuition fees at their host university, and all of our partner universities are usually able to offer our students accommodation in their halls of residence.

Finally, British council language assistants support the teaching of English in a school in Austria or Germany. They typically work for twelve hours per week, and in return receive a salary of approximately 800 euros per month in Germany, and 1300 euros in Austria. This payment is supplemented by an Erasmus plus grant which (in2016/17) is worth 380 euros a month in Germany, and 430 in Austria.