Winchester Poetry Festival

“This is not just a good festival, it’s a great festival and this city should be very proud to have it.”  Michael Longley


Saturday, 8th  October – Winchester Discovery Centre

German Events at the Winchester Poetry Festival. Inspiring poetry: A two day celebration of readings, discussion and workshops.


12:30 – 1.30     Translation Duel with Modern Poetry in Translation.

Sharpen your sabres and rattle your rapiers for this translation duel between two of the UK’s top translators of German poetry. Karen Leeder and Iain Galbraith read and discussed their translations of the same German poem – and you were asked to give your opinion on the translations.     


After the show we interviewed some visitors of the translation duel and asked them about their impressions. Here are some really interesting and inspiring answers:


5:30 –  6.45    European Voices‘ with Jan Wagner

European Voices featuring Tara Bergin, Jane Draycott and Jan Wagner who appeared with his acclaimed translator, Iain Galbraith. Three poets with a uniquely internationalist perspective and an interest in translation between languages and cultures.


Sunday, 9th  October – Theatre Royal Winchester

9:30 – 11:00    Interview with Jan Wagner & Iain Galbraith

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