I always find it much harder to know what to recommend, partly I think, because you will probably already be doing lots of writing.

  1. You could keep the German diary, but lots of people hate keeping diaries.
  2. You can read things and then try to rewrite them as much as possible in your own words – it doesn’t need to be totally in your own words as sometimes the words of the original, the best available!
  3. Try to rediscover the enjoyment that you had writing stories when you were younger, until you stop doing it just when you are getting good! We do some creative writing in German and a lot of students love it, though others wouldn’t touch it….
  4. If you have German or Austrian friends, engage in long e-mail/whatsapp written conversations.
  5. Immerse yourself in German current affairs and create yourself a blog expressing your opinions.

If you are a sports fan, do the same as in e).