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There is a proverb saying the following: “How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb? – Just one, Germans are efficient and don’t have humor“. Well, you might already guess that this is not true but we are more than happy to actually convince you of that Germans do have humor.

In the following you will find some popular examples for German comedy. Apart from improving you listening skills and getting to know the most famous German comedians, you can enjoy whatever comedy you prefer – from stand up comedy to sketches and full live shows!

Mario Barth

Mario Barth: started his career in the beginning of the 2000s. His main interest lays on the interaction between men and women. He does not only focus on stereotypes, but analyses the behaviour of women towards men by telling stories about his own girlfriend. He is also well known for his berlinerisch dialect, which makes his talks even more interesting as it is an authentic example of spoken German in the area of Berlin.

->  “Männer sind Schuld, sagen die Frauen” (whole show)

Dieter Nuhr FZ Kultur
Dieter Nuhr
FZ Kultur

Dieter Nuhr: a German comedian, that started his career in the 1990s. He is well known for his cabaret and satire. He focusses most on political, economic, religious and daily happenings. His style is critical and sometimes very provoking. He is authentic since he keeps a critical point of view on every topic and does not hesitate to reflect his own beliefs, too.

->  “Nuhr mit Respekt” (whole show)



Paul Panzer

Paul Panzer: His real name is Dieter Tappert, but he became famous under the pseudonym Paul Panzer. His identification marks are kitschy flower printed shirts and a quirky appearance as well as his speech impediment (he lisps and is not able to say complex words but comes up with new, not existing words instead). He mainly tells anecdotes about his wife and son as well as his neighbor and his everyday life in a serious and innocent way.

Paul Panzer Sketch

“Heimatabend” (Part1)

10-03-2014 - MCS_Marketing melanie - Hape Kerkeling - Ich_lasse_mir_das_Singen_nicht_verbieten - c_Felix_Rachor_PR_Foto2
Hape Kerkeling

Hape Kerkeling: One of Germany’s most varied comedians. He is a famous comedian, author, TV presenter, actor and singer. He is famous for dressing up like specific characters, such as Queen Beatrix from the Netherlands. His most famous character is Horst Schlämmer, a journalist from the Grevenbroicher Tageblatt.

Königin Beatrix (Sketch)

Café Korten (Stand Up)

Pulp Fiction (Sketch)

Host Schlämmer bei Mc Donald’s


Anke Engelke at the press conference for the Eurovision Song Contest - Unser Song fĂĽr Malmoe at EXPO Plaza. Hannover, Germany - 13.02.2013 Credit:
Anke Engelke
at the press conference for the Eurovision Song Contest – Unser Song fĂĽr Malmoe at EXPO Plaza.
Hannover, Germany – 13.02.2013


Anke Engelke: Anke Engelke is in some way the female version of Hape Kerkeling. She is a comedian, but also an actor, TV presenter and musician. She is famous for her TV show “Ladykracher”, which contents lots of sketches about the life of women.

Das absolut tollste Kind (Sketch)

Bio-GemĂĽse fĂĽr Arbeitslose (Sketch)


Luke Mockridge


Luke Mockridge:  in 2013, he won the “Deutscher Comedypreis” as best newcomer. He is well known for his Stand Up Comedy at the TV show “TV Total” and started its own TV show this year.

Die 90er (Stand Up)

Kinder (Video)




Kaya Yanar: a German comedian and actor with Turkish roots. He is famous for his TV show “Was guckst du?!” which plays with ethnic differences (Ethno-Comedy). He also supports the animal rights organisation PETA and lives vegan.

Autobahn und die Schweiz (Stand Up)

Englische Stand Up 


Michael Mittermeier

Michael Mittermeyer: a German comedian that combines elements of modern comedy with classical cabaret. He is famous for his Stand Up show “Zapped” that makes fun of TV adverts and for his bavarian accent with which he tells stories bout his bavarian childhood in a catholic school.

Englische Stand Up

Zapped (Stand Up)



BĂĽlent Ceylan


Bülent Ceylan:  a German comedian famous for his playing with differences between the German and Turkish culture.

Aslan der Gemüsehändler (Stand Up)

Rentner (Stand Up)




Atze Schröder

Atze Schröder: a so called “Kunstfigur”, which is a fictional character, played by an actor whose identity is unknown. His hair (a wig) and the glasses are part of his character and he is famous for his TV shows such as “Alles Atze”.

Deutschland ist schön




Carolin Kebekus


Carolin Kebekus: a German comedian, singer and actor. She is famous for her parodies and her TV show “Pussyterror”, which deals with the life of women.

Helene Fischer Parodie  

Plastikfrauen und SchlagerscheiĂźe (Stand Up)

Protest gegen Neo-Nazis (Video)


Otto Waalkes

Otto Waalkes: a German comedian, actor and cartoonist. He is one of the most famous German comedians of all time and his sketches and Stand Ups are seen as classics of the German comedy scene.

Englisch fĂĽr Fortgeschrittene (Stand Up)

Robin Hood (Stand Up)

FĂĽhrerscheinprĂĽfung (Sketch)



Loriot: a German comedian, humorist, cartoonist, film director, actor and writer. He is best known for his various sketches and cartoons and was ranked as the most famous German comedian ever.

Bundestagsrede (Sketch)

Die Inhaltsangabe (Englischer Fernsehkrimi) (Sketch)

Das Bild hängt schief (Sketch)

Speisen im Flugzeug (Sketch)

Badewanne (Cartoon)


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