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Chow mein is a Chinese-style dish of steamed or stir-fried vegetables, topped with shredded chicken, shrimp, etc., and served with fried noodles. There is a difference between lo mein and Chow mein. The main distinction between these two popular dishes lies in how the noodles are prepared.

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Peking duck is a Chinese dish consisting of roasted duck meat and strips of crispy duck skin topped with scallions and sauce and wrapped in thin pancakes.The traditional method for preparing the dish, called Menlu, involved using a closed oven, but in the 1860s a new method, Gualu, in which the birds are hung inside an open oven, became popular. The debate on which method is the best continues today.

Kung-Pao-Chicken is one of the most popular Chinese recipes. We all love the spicy and savory Kung Pao sauce, a cooking style from the Sichuan province of China. The authentic Kung Pao Chicken calls for Sichuan peppercorn for the numbing flavor, however the Kung Pao chicken we get here in Chinese restaurants is toned down, with vegetables such as carrots, water chestnuts, celery, zucchini, or broccoli in the dish. My Kung Pao Chicken recipe is easy, authent.ic and delicious. The Kung Pao sauce is a bit spicy so feel free to cut down the quantity of dried chilies in the recipe. The secret ingredient of Kung Pao chicken is the Chinese vinegar in the sauce. You may use rice vinegar, red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar for equally delicious result.

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Spring rolls or Egg Rolls usually are cooked (deep-fried, pan-fried or baked) until crisp and are wrapped in a wheat-flour skin made with egg in the dough. They contain meat, although shrimp is not uncommon, and they are  rolled appetizers or dim sum in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. The kind of wrapper, fillings, and cooking technique used, as well as the name, vary considerably within this large area, depending on the region’s culture.






Fried bananas  is a snack food made of banana or plantain, covered in batter or not, being deep fried in hot cooking oil. It is consumed as a snack in the morning and afternoon.The banana is battered and then deep fried. Most street vendors will then sell it as is. Restaurants that serve bakabana are more sophisticated and present it in various ways, such as with cheese, jam, condensed milk, or chocolate.


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