There about 70 universities in Germany including universities of technology (technische UniversitÀten) which focus rather on engineering and natural sciences. Besides that, Germany has a wide range of universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen), which specialize in a certain branch for example engineering or fine arts. Germany is one of the most popular country for international students. A wide range of exchange programs exists and more than 10 percent of students at german universities come from abroad. Many German universities are among the best 250 universities in the world.
Let’s have a look at a few German universities:

Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich


The Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitÀt in the heart Munich was founded in 1472 and is considered the best university in Germany. It is one of the leading research universities in Europe and is ranked the 29th best in the world. The history of the university looks back on 500 years of tradition. With about 50.000 students, 700 professors and 18 faculties, the LMU is the second biggest university in Germany. 15 percent of its students are international students from abroad.

Renowned people such as Max Planck, Konrad Adenauer, Thomas Mann and Benedikt XVI studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitÀt.

For more information: https://www.en.uni-muenchen.de/about_lmu/index.html

University Heidelberg 

the University of Heidelberg’s main auditorium
The University of Heidelberg’s main auditorium http://www.hca.uni-heidelberg.de/ma/program.html

Established in 1386, the University Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest University and according to rankings the second best university in Germany. It is highly reputable and also one of the leading research universities in Europe. Heidelberg is known for the best university for medicine studies in Germany. The long tradition and history make this university interesting and special. So does the old and beautiful designed architecture! The famous philosophers Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Jaspers, former German chancellor Helmut Kohl and more renowned personalities studies at the University of Heidelberg.

To read more: http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/index_e.html

University of Hagen


The University of Hagen is Germany’s largest University with about 85.000 students! It was founded in 1974 with a special organisation system. It has a distance education system, which means that students don’t have to be present in the uni and can study from home. The qualifications and degrees are equivalent to those awarded by other German “on-campus” Universities.

See for more: https://www.fernuni-hagen.de

Alberts-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg


The University of Freiburg is one of the oldest Universities in Germany, founded in 1457. If you are interested in the subject German, this University is considered to be the best for German studies! Over 24.000 students from 100 different nations study at eleven faculties and more than 7.000 professors and teaching staff teach at the University of Freiburg.

For more information: https://www.uni-freiburg.de/universitaet

Humboldt University Berlin


This Berlin University is named after its founder Wilhelm von Humboldt and was established in 1810. It is one of the most reputable Universities in Germany and has a world class reputation in arts and humanities fields. The University offers about 185 fields of study in the attractive capital of Germany!

Marxism founders Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were alumni and Albert Einstein spent time as a professor at the University as well!

For more information: https://www.hu-berlin.de/de/

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