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FKK (Freikörperkultur) means Naturism or nudism in English. It is a cultural and political movement in Germany which practices and advocates  personal and social nudity. More over it is a way of life in which the naked body is no reason for feelings of shame.




Kleingärten oder Schrebergärten can be translated as an allotment. It is a plot of land made available for individual, non-commercial gardening or growing food plants. The history of the allotment gardens, in Germany, goes back into the period of industrialization and urbanization in Europe during the 19th century.




Mülltrennung means garbage separation. In other words, each specific kind of garbage has its own container and is picked up at different times of the month. There is biological waste (simply known as Biomüll), and the so-called Gelber Sack, which collects all kind of wrappings, cans, nylon bags and tetra packs. Paper, glass, Gartenabfall (garden waste) and Restmüll (residual waste)  are also collected separately.





Sperrmüll means bulky waste and includes furniture that is too large for the bins or is not suitable for it by its nature. Sperrmüll can be put on your sidewalk and will be picked up by a truck. However, before the truck comes, many people come with Anhänger (trailers) and Kleinbusse (minibuses) to pick up what they think is still usable.




Trimm dich Pfad is a famous fitness trail and can be compared to outdoor exercise equipment, or par course. It consists of a path or course equipped with stations for exercising the human body to promote good health.




Vereinsleben describes the leisure time of German people. The Germans are professional in taking part in clubs, like sport activities. There are more than 500. 000 clubs in Germany. Statistically every German is enrolled in  at least one activity.