Language Tricks

Learning a second language is very challenging for most people. It is time consuming and might be stressful and problematic.  In many cases second or foreign language learners face the fact that every language has its own particular characteristics and nuances that present difficulties for people who wish to learn it. Here are some ideas as to how to improve your language learning.




Here you find  some language tricks as presented by the official DAAD!

  • A good idea is to look for a room in a student residence or in shared accommodation with German housemates. When you cook or socialise together, you will learn the language without even noticing. You can also listen to the radio, watch television or read the newspaper to improve your German. This will help you memorise new words and expressions more quickly. By staying open and inquisitive your German will quickly advance
  • Tandem language partners – If you want to improve your language skills and get to know new people, then tandem language learning is just the thing for you. This is when two partners who want to learn each other’s native language get together. You don’t have to analyse grammar or fill in the blanks, you can just have a chat. One hour in one language before switching to the other, to allow both tandem partners to benefit. You can arrange to cook together, go to a café or a walk through the city. This lets you learn another language and you get to know other people and learn about a country’s culture.
  • Language courses – Many students also decide to participate in a language course at a language school, university or a Goethe-Institut. These let you expand your German skills systematically, with an instructor and based on specific goals. Language courses often involve a charge. The language centres at German universities hold language courses. They also offer intensive courses during the semester breaks. These courses let you learn a lot in just a few weeks as well as allowing you to socialise with fellow students to familiarise yourself with the country and people. The Goethe-Institut also offers a range of German courses depending on the individual area that you would like to focus on.
  • Independent learning – There is also a range of options for people who prefer to learn independently. Whether this takes place as traditional private study, in a university language centre or using various media, especially the Internet, is up to you. Read German books to start somewhere. Children’s books are charming and fun – plus you’ll gain cultural insights by learning the stories which Germans experience as kids. Some, like the Grimms Märchen(Grimm’s fairy tales) you may be familiar with in their English versions. Listening to German music might be a good idea as well. German contemporary music offers pretty much everything you’d find in the English speaking world in terms of genre and quality. Whether you love rock, reggae, rap, folk or fusion, there are German language artists waiting to fill up your music library and steal your heart. Following German Twitter Feeds help you to be regular in touch with the German language. Using the platform Twitter to follow German news, humor, culture and language instruction feeds can be a great way to integrate the learning process into your daily life – especially into mobile situations where a textbook or movie is less convenient. Use those spare minutes spent on public transit, waiting in line or chilling at your favorite coffee shop to get the latest updates on all things German. Check out the list of the best feeds to follow!