Public Transport

Whether you are planning a city trip to Berlin, or want to spend your summer holidays swimming and hiking beautiful Lake Constance – getting around Germany can be quite expensive. We will give you an overview of convenient options (bus, train, shared ride), so you can enjoy your holidays while saving on transportation!

Flixbus: Flixbus is a great way to get around Germany, especially if you’re looking for cheaper options and have a little more time. You can often find special offers and discounts online, and book your ride on the website. Flixbus offers snacks and free wifi on board, so you can lean back and enjoy your journey! Book your journey on

Flixtrain: Did you know that Flixbus also has a train network? Flixtrain is a great alternative to the trains of Deutsche Bahn and although its network only includes bigger cities – such as Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne – and it usually only runs once a day in each direction, it is much cheaper than Deutsche Bahn and even uses sustainable green power to get you from A to B. Book your flixtrain on

Deutsche Bahn: The fastest and most efficient way to travel Germany is still using the trains of Deutsche Bahn. Their express trains (ICEs) will get you from Hamburg to Berlin in under two, and from Berlin to Munich in just four hours. You will find that you can get almost everywhere using Deutsche Bahn, however, it can be quite expensive if you don’t book in advance. If you go to their website, you can book your ticket online and also find special offers and discounts.

BlablaCar: Sometimes, neither trains nor buses are available at that exact time you want to travel. Blablacar offers you the opportunity to just share a car with other people going your direction. I have had many thought-provoking conversations using BlaBlaCar, and met people like artists, DJs and other students. Just register at to find your lift and meet interesting people on the way!