The capital of Germany is Berlin and it is the largest city of Germany as well. The population numbers approximately 3.8 million people and proves to be the most populous city in Germany, and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. Berlin is located in the North East of Germany, not far from the Polish border. You will find many forests, parks, gardens, lakes and rivers, such as the most famous one called Spree, in and around Berlin.

In the last few years, Berlin has developed into a giant of progress and development. It is constantly evolving and attracts over 6.5 million visitors a year. Berlin is – next to London and Paris-  ranked as the third most famous cities in Europe, and has played an important role in German history.

The boulevard Unter den Linden leads to the famous Brandenburger Tor, which is  the landmark of the city and the only remaining city gate of Berlin. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, it is a symbol for the unification of Germany.

The Fernsehturm (TV tower) in Berlin is approximately 400 m high and is the highest publicly accessible building in Europe. It is located on Alexanderplatz and enables a fantastic view on Berlin. The Alexanderplatz, or, as the Berliners call it, Alex, is a large public square in the central district of Berlin. It is the scene of historical events and one of the most popular locations in Berlin.

The KurfĂŒrstendamm, which leads to Charlottenburg, is one of the most famous shopping streets in Berlin. The shopping boulevard is 3.5 km long and has various shops, cafes and shopping malls. More over, it depicts the main street which leads to the quarter of villas of the West of Berlin.


Last but not least, it is important to mention that the Reichstag building represents the heart of Germany and it is recommended to visit the historical edifice.

For further information please visit the websites of the Goethe Institute and the German Embassy in London.

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