Southampton German Network

We invite you to celebrate with us as we launch our new SoGerman Network at the German Festival in October (see events programme below).

The Southampton German Network is part of the Think German Network Initiative launched by the German embassy in London and involving a number of German departments across the United Kingdom. The SoGerman network focus is regional – Southampton, Hampshire and environs – where we want to offer a communication platform for anybody interested in the German language and related societies, cultures and histories.

As we hope to develop and foster such interest ourselves we have created this SoGerman website. It does not want to be an academic enclosure but appeal to a wide audience, and young learners, thinkers and creators in particular. From browsing the film reviews of our students to enjoying a Mozart symphony or a German hip hop artist, you can pick, choose and discover. It is a work in progress and will greatly benefit from its users’ responses. If you would like to write to us or get involved please simply write to

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