Sport in Germany

There’s a bit of saying going around that whenever three Germans get together, they’ll found a club, which all goes to show that you don’t need to be an outsider to create a stereotype. Nevertheless, in the Deutscher Sportbund, which is the overall umbrella organisation for German sports clubs, there were a few years ago 23 million members. Of course, that figure may well include all those who join a major football club in order to be able to get tickets for games, but once you’ve calculated those out, that still leaves plenty for the hiking clubs, the canoeing clubs and the walking clubs and the rowing clubs. I have no idea what comparable numbers would be in the UK, but I suspect it might be rather less. Anyway, we’re going to have subcategories for the various most popular sports. There will be a mixture of German and English text in them to save having to do too much clicking

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